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Date : 24/12/2020

Reopening schools & colleges: What’re parents thinking about?

All the educational institutions in Bangladesh were shut down in March 2020 when Covid-19 hit the country, a move hailed by students and guardians alike.

Six months into the pandemic, all the educational institutions sans Qawmi madrasahs remain closed, but the parents and guardians of those same students are now divided over the extended closure.

After identifying the first cases of Covid-19 on March 8, the government announced the closure of all the educational institutions across the country on March 16. On August 27, the closure was extended up to October 3.

Zobaida Akhter, a housewife and resident of South Banasree, says her two sons studying in primary and secondary grades. She thinks the extension of this unscheduled holidays will only hamper the academic activities of students.

“Of course, when schools were shut down initially, I was happy to know my children are a bit safer. They’re still continuing to study from home through online and television classes but it’s not a permanent solution,” she told UNB.

Shahin Ahmed who has a daughter reading in the fifth grade said although studying at home without the direct guidance of teachers is not enough but it is safer than reopening.

“Those of us who’re adults going out with a lot of preparations but children hardly follow the rules of hygiene. So, by no means the schools should be reopened now,” he said.

The guardians of those students who were to appear at the Higher School Certificate Examination (HSC) this year are facing even greater mental pressure.


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